Twenty Years Later The Workman Company Still At It

Workman Group Celebrates 20 Years

The Workman Company will soon begin its 20th consecutive year of providing leading St. Louis-based companies with strategic public relations and leadership communications services. During this amazing journey I have had the distinct privilege of ‘living the dream’ with my own public relations agency and providing clients that I truly care about with indefatigable representation of their best interests. Through word of mouth, client recommendations and participating in the mandatory “cattle call” agency shootouts, I have had the pleasure of serving a steady stream of quality clientele with mutually rewarding outcomes.

The Workman Company started auspiciously enough, when on ten days’ notice my employer (Edelman Public Relations Worldwide) abruptly closed its St. Louis office and let everyone go. With no savings, no office, a word processing machine and the verbal commitment of one prior client to ‘give me a try,’ I made my own commitment to turn this lemon of a situation into lemonade. Within a year I was thriving, thanks to three additional clients who each put their faith and trust in me based on my work with them under previous employers.

Since that first year, more than 80 percent of my client work has been provided on a monthly or annual retainer basis. I believe this is a testament to the caliber of results, creativity and quality services I and my colleagues provide to each and every client. And with more than 40 clients served through the help of numerous staff members and subcontractor colleagues, I am humbled and thankful for everyone involved.

Success begets success, and we are now starting our third decade in business with sustained vigor and a newly sustainable view of business and life.

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