Workman Company Celebrating 20 Years With New Brand, New Service Project

The Workman Company is celebrating its 20th year in the public relations consulting field by upgrading its brand and initiating a pro bono community service project for the nonprofit organization Project COPE. Founded in September 1993 as a public relations agency, The Workman Company has developed a broad network of professional communications partners that have significantly expanded the scale and depth of services offered to its clients. To underscore the importance of this effective client service model, The Workman Company has rebranded itself as Workman Communications Group.

“Workman Communications Group is the name that most accurately describes who we are today,” says Craig Workman, President of Workman Communications Group. “We offer a single comprehensive resource for an extensive range of business consulting and communications services, including internal and organizational communications, management and corporate communications, and external business and marketing communications. Our clients are better understood, accepted, admired and respected by current and prospective customers, and by the public at large.”

To mark this 20-year milestone, the agency is also undertaking a pro bono community service project to organize a new social enterprise for Project COPE, a St. Louis non-profit organization. Project COPE has been providing community re-entry support services and transitional housing to selected ex-offenders for the past 27 years through volunteer team partnerships.

Workman Communications Group is creating a partnership in which Project COPE will provide the entire workforce for a new St. Louis company utilizing a new sustainable technology to recycle used tires. Approximately 25 full time jobs will be created for ex-offenders as part of this partnership, with additional revenues going directly to help Project COPE expand its organization.

“The biggest obstacle to successful community re-entry for ex-offenders is gaining steady employment,” says Adrienne Denson, Executive Director for Project COPE. “This social enterprise will provide jobs for all of our Partners and prepare them financially to eventually live independently.”

“Project COPE helps make our communities safer, strengthens families and save Missouri taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual re-incarceration costs,” Workman added. “This social enterprise is bringing new business and jobs to north St. Louis. This is a win-win for everyone.”